What is J-EALFEST? J-EALFEST means JIA English Art Language Festival of STBA JIA. It held on October 5th-6th 2019. It was about competition among high schools in Bekasi and also some of English students of STBA JIA. It was not only about competition, it contained English of Art in the festival. The competition was purposed for encouraging and providing high school students in Bekasi to get experience and also name for their schools. The English Art Festival was aimed for entertaining the high school students and also English students at STBA JIA.

In the first day, we focused on the student’s competition. We held singing contest, poetry, brain’s war, storytelling, and speech for students of high school and STBA JIA. We divided a team for each competition. First competition, the singing contest was about how the participants showed their singing talent. There were 7 participants from high school students and 8 participants from English students of STBA JIA. The winner for this singing contest was Putri Gracesia from years of 2017. The winner for high school student was Reink Ferguson Manalu from SMAN 1 Serang Baru.


Second competition is poetry. It was about displaying the art of literature. It was participated from 8 students of high school and around 6 students of STBA JIA. They showed with different themes which they choose by own. The winner on this competition was Salsabila Fitriah from SMAN 4 Tambun Selatan and M. Abdul Khairul from student of STBA JIA year of 2019.


Third competition is brain’s war. This competition was about knowledging of fun fact between American and British history. It was participated by students of STBA JIA which were 15 students from 1st semester, 15 students from 3rd semester, 10 students from 5th semester, and 10 students from 7th semester each batch. The winner on this competition was Azellia Alvika from 7th semester.


Fourth competition is storytelling. This competition was about retelling a fable or kid’s stories which their choosen. Some of them wear costumes or used properties like dolls to show their story. It was participated by students of high school in Bekasi. The winner on this was Cesilia Bunga from SMK 2 Bekasi.

And the last is a speech contest. In this competition, participants give speeches that they have made themselves. With a predetermined theme, participants are free to develop their own what they will convey later. Then the speeches delivered by the participants were judged by the jury. The participants in this competition were attended by several high school students in Bekasi. From this competition, the first winner was Khayla Sabrina from SMAN 1 Babelan.

After going through various races on the first day, the event continued to the second day which was the highlight of the J-EALFEST. The event brought by duo j, Jhony and Jessie were going well. At the event there were a lot of activities carried out because we had stands that could be visited besides watching shows on the main stage. Including food stands, mural stands, culture stands, and face painting stands. Because of the stands, visitors are not bored because they can do many activities. Among all the booths at J-EALFEST, the most interesting and much visited was the stand face painting. At this stand visitors can request what designs they like to paint on their faces. Initially this stand was inspired by a festival in America namely the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival where visitors who come to the festival paint motifs to their faces. From that, we make stand face painting with the aim that visitors can feel that they also come to music events with vibes like in Coachella festival.


Besides to the booths, we also have a main stage that displays a variety of performances filled by students, participants of the J-EALFEST, and also guest stars. They performed in band, duet, acoustic, and dance forms. Finally, at the end of J-EALFEST event, we also had a guest who was famous at that time because he often covered songs on social media he was Petrus Mahendra. He sang a few songs to entertain the visitors who came. Then after that performance, the J-EALFEST event was over.